Gourmet Water Restaurant featuring Mauro Colagreco's Dish

Sani Gourmet

An annual celebration of haute cuisine: renowned chefs from all over the world will delight guests with unique dishes and inspire with a multitude of flavours.

The Spirit of Sani Gourmet


Every year since 2006, Sani Gourmet brings cultures, flavours and traditions from around the world together in a decadent celebration for all the senses. Over a few days in May, sample the fine flavours of Greece, uncover hidden gourmet treasures from Southern France, or marvel at the artistry of Japanese tradition. Expertly prepared by acclaimed Michelin-starred chefs and rising stars, using fresh ingredients plucked from nearby nature, these culinary creations are as beautiful as they are delicious. 

Gourmet dish by Simon Rogan
Gourmet dish by Fredrik Berselius

Local Produce

Flavours of Halkidiki

The Halkidiki region is graced with bountiful gifts from nature: divine olive trees, market gardens and orchards provide an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables, and the ocean is famed for its John Dury, sea bass and mussels. Along with the finest prime meat from local farms, these flavours take centre stage at Sani Gourmet, allowing us to proudly share these gifts with the world.