Mother and daughter holding on to tree in Sani Forest

Learning at Sani

Sani Resort’s beautiful natural environment makes it a world rich with opportunities to learn. Sailing, tennis, eco activities — let your skills blossom with exciting academies and classes for both children and adults.

Sani Academies

Sani Academies offer world-class coaching and facilities to take your skills to the next level



Enjoy to learn about the life-cycle of solitary bees in our innovative bee-friendly garden, where seven carefully designed stations provide unique insights into the biology of wild bees, as well as real-life examples of local bee species.

Bee spot

Lego Robotics Lessons

Your children will learn key engineering, design and science skills with LEGO’s clever robotics, as they explore how to bring their creative ideas to life. 


  • 6-9 years 10:30 - 12.30
  • 2-5 years 13:30- 15:00
  • 10+ years 15:15-17:15


Two girls playing with legos in the Lego Robotics lessons

Swimming Club

With private or group lessons for children with expert instructors, Little Guests will learn the basics of swimming and improve their skills in no time.  

Monday to Saturday: 09:3013:30 & 16:00 – 17:30 (30 mins session)

  • Baby Swimming with Parents
  • Private Swimming Lessons -  6 months - adult 
  • Small Groups  - 5 – 7 years 
  • Mermaid Club - from 6+ years
Father and son enjoying their time in the sea at Sani resort
Outdoor Learning

The Great Outdoors

Sani’s 3 natural worlds provide an abundance of captivating adventures for all the family.

Bird Watching

The Birds of Sani

The protected Sani Wetlands are home to over half of all the bird species found in Greece. Expert eco-guides take you on a fascinating 2.5km trail to learn about the birds, many of them rare and endangered, and our work to protect them.

Father and son birdwatching at Sani Forest
Mother & daughter cuddling in an egg chair



Excite your little ones and spark their curiosity with these downloadable games, colouring books and educational activities curated by our in-house Little Guests Team and inspired by the unique natural environment found at Sani.