Annabel Karmel Cooking With Kids at Sani resort

Annabel Karmel

Children's Menus

Fine dining isn’t just for grown-ups. Annabel Karmel MBE has created bespoke menus for Little Guests that are colourful, nutritious and most important of all — delicious.

Children’s Menus

Annabel Karmel

With close to 50 cookbooks and 30 years of chef experience under her belt, Annabel Karmel is the world’s leading expert in baby and children’s nutrition. Across the resort, you’ll find flavoursome menus bursting with goodness, lovingly prepared for young palates.

Annabel Karmel cooking with a boy at Sani resort

It’s important that children stay fuelled on the right foods throughout the day, and my specially designed meals are super-fun, yet healthy and perfectly balanced for young palates.

Annabel Karmel, MBE


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At Porto Sani, Little Guests are at the heart of our offering. Here, you’ll find Annabel’s extra-special kids’ buffet, with a rainbow of recipes to nourish and energise. Fresh fish, meat, vegetarian and vegan choices will delight young tastebuds.

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