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From bird watching tours at Sani Resort’s Wetlands to private driven tours across the Kassandra Peninsula, exploring Sani Resort and its surroundings is an enjoyable day out for the whole family.

Bird Watching Tours

Discover an amazing array of birds on a tour of the Sani Wetlands, home to almost half of the bird species found in Greece.

Expert eco-guides take you on an amazing 2,5km trail - a complimentary walk offered twice a week.

Father and son on birdwatching tour at Sani Resort

Beekeeping Trips

Halkidiki has a long history of beekeeping, stretching back more than 2,500 years. Meet bees in their natural habitat, learn about their incredible life and sample some of the many local honey products.

Family on beedkeeping trip at Sani Resort
Aerial view of beach and the sea around Poseidi

Private Volvo Tour

A complimentary adventure for the whole family. A private-driven tour taking you down forest tracks, through olive groves and along dramatic cliff top paths with magnificent views of the Aegean and Mount Olympus.

The Olive Taste

Learn about olives and different olive oil varieties. Discover the importance of olives in Greek culture and tradition, from the cultivation of olive trees to their produce. Taste various collections of olives and olive oil. Finally, plant an olive tree and take part in Sani’s first olive grove.

Olive tree at Sani Resort

Koutsoupia-Siviri Hiking Trail

One of the most beautiful walks in Halkidiki, this trail follows a wetland path which meanders along the cliff tops between Sani Resort and Siviri village offering stunning views from the forest to the sea.

The valley of Koutsoupia is home to a wide range of flora, including oak trees and other plants rarely found in Halkidiki.

Anyone wishing for a shorter walk, can stop past the ancient excavations area (approx. 5 km) between Sani and Siviri; otherwise, if continuing to its full length it’s recommended to arrange a transfer for the return rather than retrace steps (20km). The terrain is quite rugged, so great care must be taken and the cliff edge should be avoided as well. The walk is not suitable for those who suffer from vertigo or for young children.

Forest Trail at Sani Resort


Visiting Greece with its rich history, archaeological sites, numerous museums and incredible sights gives an opportunity to explore its culture that shouldn't be missed.