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for the Senses

20 AUGUST 2022



What better way to conclude this year’s musical celebrations, 30 glorious years of Sani Festival, than with a concert of the world’s most beloved tenor, Andrea Bocelli. Recognized as an icon of the greatest Italian vocal tradition, his musical prestige is evident in the wealth of awards he has received. And as Celine Dion once said "If God had a singing voice, he must sound a lot like Andrea Bocelli”. Observing his career in awe, Sani Festival is beyond honored to welcome an artist of that magnitude, the most anticipated music event of the summer!

Andrea Bocelli

Drink, Dine, Delight


Live the high life as we celebrate the delicious alchemy of fine food, music and entertainment at our world-renowned annual events. Festivals that bring together tourism and culture. Dance along to and admire some of today’s most talented musicians and performers at the Sani Festival every summer.  And get ready for a mouth-watering culinary tour in May at the Sani Gourmet celebration, bringing together chefs from Greece and around the world.

Sani Resort at night

Sani Festival

Since 1992, Sani Hill has burst into life each summer during July and August with colourful live performances from across the world stage. The largest private-organized festival in Greece, the Sani Festival invites both guests and visitors to take joy in the masterful performances and enchanting atmosphere of the scene. Jazz, contemporary, modern dance and musical theatre all flow in harmony during this summer celebration. Best enjoyed with a starlit cocktail. 

Sani Festival on Sani Hill at night time

Sani Gourmet

The hearty line-up of Michelin-starred chefs and rising stars that jump to take part in the Sani Gourmet festival will get any food enthusiast’s heart racing. A showcase of some of the best the world has to offer, the festival is hosted annually in May, with a unique concept each year. Feast al fresco on gourmet treats, sampling the latest gastronomic trends from all over the world. Complement your sensory journey with an international wine list lovingly prepared by expert sommeliers.

Sani Gourmet dish