17 Dec 2021

Luxury Green Award 2021 Winner




Sani Resort is delighted to be awarded as the World’s Leading Luxury Green Resort at the World Travel Awards 2021 for the second year in a row. Recognised as an industry leader on a global level, Sani Resort’s latest awards highlight a deep commitment to operational excellence. Having also recently won a global award for Low-Carbon Ecological Scenic Spot at the Sustainable Cities and Human Settlements Awards 2021, with recognition from the United Nations, Sani Resort has positioned itself as one of the world’s best, luxury sustainable resorts.


A commitment to excellence


Sani is firmly committed to contributing to the fight against climate change, with the aim to mitigate emissions, increase renewable energy use and balance out remaining emissions, assisted with the launch of its Zero Carbon Footprint. In 2020, Sani Resort successfully became the first carbon neutral resort in Greece, balancing its net emissions to zero, while the resort has been running on 100% renewable electricity since 2019. Half a century of respecting nature has crafted Sani Resort into the ultimate sustainable destination, and Sani’s commitment to change and improvement has been proven by ongoing achievements and milestones. Sani Resort is also a member of the United Nations Global Compact.


The consecutive wins at World Travel Awards year on year show not only the sustainable and luxury family credentials of Sani, but also the dedication and hard work of the staff and team members across the resort, who have contributed to the tremendous successes and who have made this award possible.