Chucho Valdés &

Paquito D’Rivera

NEW DATE: Sunday 10 July 2022

Two legends of Afro-Cuban music, Chucho Valdés and Paquito D’Rivera reunite after 40 years and raise the curtain of this year’s celebratory Sani Festival, with Sani Hill being one of the few stops of their international tour! Chucho Valdés, pianist, composer and founder of the group Irakere –one of the most transcendental groups in the history of the Caribbean Island– and Paquito D’Rivera, saxophonist, composer and clarinetist, count decades of friendship and musical companionship between them. Together they developed most of their activities in the Musical Theater of Havana and in the Orquesta Cubana de Música Moderna, which Paquito conducted before forming Irakere in 1973, but they followed separate paths in 1980 after Paquito D’Rivera was forced into exile and moved to New York. Separately, they have received more than 25 Grammys and Latin Grammys, among many other prominent distinctions. Now they are joining forces again, in a live performance that will include milestone hits of Latin jazz music, classic Latin-American repertoire, alongside new compositions from their latest album I Missed You Too. The two bona fide living legends are ready to mix the Caribbean rhythm of their music, with the Mediterranean breeze of Sani Hill, in a concert that will mark the start of Sani Festival’s 30 years’ celebration! 


Diego Urcola | trumpet

José A. Gola | bass

Dafnis Prieto | drums

Roberto Vizcaino Jr. | percussion


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Postponement of concert for Sunday 10/7 due to weather conditions

Due to weather forecasts for severe weather conditions in the Sani area on Saturday (9/7), which include both possible rain and strong winds, the “Chucho Valdés & Paquito D'Rivera Reunion Sextet” concert has been postponed for Sunday 10/7 at 21:30. Ticket/pass holders can use the same ticket to enter the venue on the new event date.

We are positive that Chucho Valdés & Paquito D'Rivera, with their Afro-Cuban rhythms, will bring the warm climate of the Caribbean to Sani Hill on Sunday 10/7, and they will captivate us in an evening full of jazz and Latin melodies.