Sani Asterias Beachfront with view of Sani Hill at sunset

Sani Festival

A momentous musical and cultural affair: this year we're celebrating 30 years of bringing people together through a shared love of the arts.

The Spirit of Sani Festival


Every summer, from July to August, Sani Festival proudly brings together Greek and international artists, strengthening the cultural bond between natives and visitors. Rooted in jazz, the first event took place in 1992 over three days.  Since then, the programme has diversified and the venues expanded to accommodate a wide programme of music and performing arts, from classical music to modern dance and musical theatre. This year, 2022, we’ll be honouring the history of the Festival, celebrating its 30th anniversary.

Live orchestra at Sani Festival


Sani Hill

Sani Hill becomes a kaleidoscope of colours as night falls: the brilliant orange of the setting sun, the vivid lights of night-time performances, the moonlight beaming down from a starlit sky. Watch as artists perform at heady heights, against the dramatic backdrop of a ruined Byzantine tower and the Aegean Sea.

Sani Festival on Sani Hill at night time


First Sani Festival took place







Sani Festival on Sani Hill

Jazz on the Hill

New Orleans meets the Mediterranean: the cornerstone of Sani Festival, Jazz on the Hill is renowned for showcasing an electrifying mix of emerging talent and world-class stars of jazz. 

Man playing saxophone at Sani Festival

Greek Variations

A star-studded lineup of Greek musicians has graced the stage at Sani Festival over the years, showcasing the very best talent from across the country.

Man playing piano at Sani Festival

Sounds of the World

Sounds of the World has become a full-time fixture in the festival programme since its debut in 2006. Complementing the international programme, Sounds of the World celebrates music from across the globe with a rich programme of diverse artists spanning folk, contemporary and classical.

Woman singing on stage at Sani Festival

Classical Waves

From worldwide orchestras to small ensembles and individual artists, Classical Waves brings the world’s most inspiring classical music together.

Live orchestra at Sani festival
Dancers performing on stage at Sani Festival



& Arts

Expect cinema screenings, musical theatre performances and stage shows that highlight contemporary approaches to writing, directing and acting.