19 AUGUST 2023


‘A musical journey from Pontus to Crete’

Performers: Chainis-Dimitris Apostolakis, Alexis Parcharidis, Iro Saia


‘The past is the basis for our future, which is brightest when it promotes and reintroduces our historical wealth’. A sentiment that could easily be applied to the musical offerings of our great national composer, Stavros Xarchakos.


With his masterful works, the composer has embraced the richness of Greek folk tradition, finding inspiration in historic melodies that each tell a story and have only survived by being passed down from generation to the next. Employing his own perspective, he combines folk music with orchestral sounds, creating fresh – almost revolutionary – arrangements that bridge the gap between past and present, and help to define our musical future.


Through an artful blending of primordial notes with modern musical tools, Xarchakos’ concert shall evoke memories and spark a comforting sense of nostalgia amongst Greeks, whilst offering visitors an opportunity to experience our culture and Greek spirit through melodic familiarity.

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