The Century of

Mimis Plessas

27 JULY 2024

Featuring Stefanos Korkolis, Dimitris Mpasis, Sofia Manousaki


This year Sani Festival is honoured to host a musical tribute in appreciation of the centenary of the famed Mimis Plessas, one of the most distinguished Greek composers of all time. Born in the cultural epicenter of Athens in 1924, Plessas' musical legacy transcends generations, earning him universal acclaim and adoration. From being the first piano soloist at the National Radio Foundation at an early age to being awarded the University of Minnesota's first music prize at the age of 27 in 1952 and the following year being ranked as fifth pianist in the United States, Mimis Plessas’ journey from that of the prodigious piano soloist to revered composer and conductor is a testament to his unparalleled talent and dedication. With almost a century of musical mastery to his name, including scores for 104 films and 70 theatrical productions, Plessas' influence on three generations of Greeks is truly unmatched. From the soul-stirring ‘Who knows/Pios to xerei’ to the enchanting ‘I will drink tonight the moon/Tha pio apopse to feggari,’ Plessas' melodies have woven themselves in to the fabric of Greek culture. This homage will be enriched by the performances of renowned Greek artists Stefanos Korkolis, Dimitris Mpasis and Sofia Manousaki, who shall guide the audience on a magical journey celebrating a century of Plessas. And where better for such a celebration than upon Sani Hill, the ultimate meeting point for ‘So many Summers/Tosa Kalokeria,’ under ‘A Sky with Stars/Enas Ouranos me Asteria.’


Avraam Tsagkalidis (piano)

Dimosthenis Polimeris (accordion)

Dimitris Hountis (soprano saxophone)

Nikos Karatzas (percussion)

Christos Pertsinidis (guitar)

Antonis Kalantzakos (bass)

Giorgos Pachis (bouzouki)

Christos Vidiniotis (bouzouki)

Grigoris Sintridis (drums)


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