Aerial view of Sani forest and the beach


#OnlyatSani Protocol

Although the Sani Experience may look a little different, we have gone the extra mile to ensure it feels the same. Behind these enhancements to our services are the Sani people you have come to know and love, their attention to detail and personalized, genuine care. We assure our guests the service and environment, which brings them back time and time again, with a few adjustments to our operations and house rules for your safety, accompanied by sanitisation protocols, safety methods and operational procedures.

Hotel Operations Policies
Aerial view of the Sani Forest and the beach

Public Areas and Rooms

  • Public Areas will be undergoing thorough disinfections, with extra attention to high contact areas, including front-desks and public restrooms.
  • Contactless menus & directories will be available in all rooms via QR codes and mobile devices, replacing the printed in-room documents (except those that are single-use and will be disposed of with each room change)
Cuisine at Sani Resort Restaurants


  • Digital menu options are offered for In-Room Dining, for a contactless order and delivery. Your meal allowance is also applicable here
  • Digital, or single-use menus are available at all restaurants
  • Dining times will be spaced out and reservations will be required
Woman doing stretching exercise in Sani Forest

Fitness & Gyms

  • Maximum guests at any one time depend on the gym’s available floor space
  • Pre-booking is required to ensure capacity
  • Fitness equipment will undergo thorough sanitization after each use
  • Alternative workout options are available for outdoor wellness, with fitness programmes such as yoga, forest walks and organized jogging
Woman sings on stage at the Sani Festival


  • Live music and entertainment are available
  • Bar counters and service stations will not serve guests, there will be table service only
Woman walking the marina shops


  • Maximum guests in each shop at any one time is dependent on each store’s available space
  • Queueing and appropriate social distancing measures are applied
Woman relaxing in a chair at D Spa


  • Spas will operate at a reduced capacity to ensure adequate space for social distancing and adjusted layout
  • Gaps between sessions to allow for thorough cleaning and sanitisation
  • Guests must wear face masks during treatments
  • Spa use is by appointment only
Aerial view of the Sani Forest and Bousoulas Beach

Beaches & Pools

  • Beaches and pools will be regularly disinfected
  • Indoor pools will operate at a reduced capacity to ensure adequate space for social distancing and adjusted layouts
Girl running on the beach


  • Babysitting services will be available, taking all precautionary measures, using all protective equipment & regular sanitization
  • Crèches, Kids Clubs, Teens Clubs and Playgrounds will operate following health protocols
  • All childcare will operate by appointment only to ensure adequate space
  • Babewatch will be available according to protocols and safety measures
Rafa Nadal in action

Sports & Activities

  • The Rafa Nadal Tennis Center, Chelsea FCF Football Academy, Sani Adventure Park, Water Sports, Biking and Sailing will operate with health protocols applied
  • Volleyball, beach volleyball, basketball, and five-a-side football will operate with health protocols applied
  • Playgrounds will be open, with enhanced cleaning protocols
  • The Indoor Activity Studio and Indoor fitness activities will operate with health protocols and limited capacity 
House Rules
Family Walking At Cabana Restaurant


  • As part of our safety protocol, Guest’s testing is available upon entry to the resort
  • Testing will take place in dedicated, comfortable areas before guests are escorted to reception
Sani resort concierge service

Guest Services

  • Guests are encouraged to limit face-to-face interactions by using the Sani App, WhatsApp, QR codes or any of the other digital means provided for a contactless stay
  • Guests are required to report any symptoms of illness to the Front Office or directly to the onsite Doctor
Family having dinner Little on the beach

Dining & Bars

  • Reservations are required for breakfast and dinner
  • To allow for adequate spacing, guests must arrive for their reservation promptly
  • Tables which are marked as undergoing the cleaning procedure must not be used
  • Guests are required to use hand sanitisers upon entry & exit from all restaurants
Sani resort housekeeping


We recommend guests vacate the room during housekeeping and/or any maintenance issue resolution

Infinity Pool Hill View at Sani club

Pools & Beaches

  • Sunbeds which are marked as undergoing the cleaning procedure must not be used
  • Guests are required to follow the instructions for showering during use of the pools
  • Guests are required to use only the sanitized beach towels provided by staff
Couple walking through the beach house

Public Areas

  • Guests are required to follow elevator guidelines and not exceed the number of persons allowed
  • Guests are required to use hand sanitizers upon entry and exit from public toilets
  • Areas or spaces which are marked as undergoing the cleaning procedure must not be used
  • Guests are requested not to dispose of PPE in recycling bins but into regular waste bins
  • Guests are required to follow the visible safety signage for direction & space distancing

Getting you home safe


At Sani, we want every part of your journey to be worry-free. Guests can receive a Complimentary Rapid Antigen test on arrival, upon entry to the resort. If requested, we’d be delighted to arrange a pre-departure test too.

Alongside Rapid Antigen tests, we also do full PCR testing* at our onsite test centres and your results are delivered to your room. You can book your test via guest relations or choose a contactless experience by scanning one of the QR codes found across the resort. Once booked, head to your hotel’s designated test centre, run in collaboration with Euroclinic, and a medical professional will carry out your test quickly and safely.


At Sani Resort, we are continuously monitoring the development of the COVID-19 outbreak and have set the wellbeing, health and safety of our staff and guests as our top priority. We fully comply with the guidelines of competent health authorities and have put in place preventative measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19. However, we cannot guarantee that our guests will not be exposed to the virus. Guests are requested to take self-protective measures and adhere to the Covid-19 relevant house rules to minimise any exposure to the virus. By visiting Sani Resort, or attending any of its activities, guests acknowledge the contagious nature of COVID-19 and the risk of exposure or infection by COVID-19. Sani Resort does not accept any liability and guests agree to withhold Sani from any claims of any kind arising out of, or relating thereto.

Hotel Operations Policies & Adjustments

We are taking responsible actions to protect our people and guests during their stay with us. Within this unique resort, we have created a new set of house rules for your safety, accompanied by sanitisation protocols, safety methods and operational procedures. We provide full information on the limited or restricted offering at present, thus no claims or requests for discounts can be accepted due to these adjustments, which are in place for the welfare and safety of all guests and staff.


As part of our safety protocol, there is rapid antigen testing available for guests upon request, on site, either upon entry to the resort, or prior to their departure. Should a guest exhibit symptoms during their stay, as defined by our onsite doctors, they will be required to undergo a rapid antigen test on site. Please note that all information provided regarding testing upon entry is subject to change.